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We all love fresh food off the grill. If you love barbecuing, no matter if it's smoking, searing, or Korean and Japanese hibachi-style grill cooking, we cover it all, ad-free! Join us as we explore the latest in pellet grill technology, the different types of charcoal you can use, including lump and briquettes and what's best. Infrared grills, electric smoker technology, and all the weird and wonderful products that can deliver amazing new ways to cook and enjoy BBQ. We talk about propane and natural gas grills, inbuilt grills and beautiful outdoor kitchens.

We celebrate food, family, and fun! reviews the best BBQ grills, complete with articles, tips, and tricks. Join us as we talk about outdoor grilling, portable grills, tailgating, and summer fun. Nothing compliments a good time like some grilled food, except for maybe beer. We may just talk about beer at some point, too. (Beer butt chicken, anyone?)

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40 Grill Reviews and Counting!

Click more bbq grill reviews to see what else we've reviewed! We give you the skinny on the out of box experience, setup, and performance, as well as a host of pictures and a verdict. We even link to reviews on Amazon, so you don't have to take our word for it! Looking to shortcut the whole process and go straight to our recommendations? Check out our choices for the best gas grill and best charcoal grill of 2016! Looking for a quick list of affordable grills? We test the best grills under $500 so you can easily choose the one that's right for you.

Every month, we highlight some of our favorite grills. We're fans of Weber kettle, Dyna-Glo, Char-Griller, and other popular brands, but we enjoy finding gems in lesser-known categories like portable hibachi or Japanese-style grills, great for Korean barbecuing, and specialty grills that fold up and can fit in your back pack. Some grills stick out for quality, other for performance per dollar, and some are just plan awesome all around. Newer trends like the latest electric smoker or hot new Kamado style grill also pique our interest. Let us know what you think about these grills in the comment sections of each review.