Dyna-Glo DGE530SSP-D LP Gas Grill

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3.8/5 on September 3, 2016

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480 reviews


  • Large, even cooking surface
  • Nice casters for easy transport
  • Solid construction


  • Does not reach temperatures higher than 550F
  • May benefit from aftermarket mods


A pricey grill that needs aftermarket mods to make it truly great, its cooking consistency makes up for any shortfalls. Worthy of consideration, but perhaps try to catch it on sale.

Dyna-Glo DGE530SSP-D 5 Burner Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill – Introduction

The Dyna-Glo DGE530SSP-D brings a large cooking surface powered by 5 burners, and a handsome stainless steel presentation.  Dyna-Glo serves the mid-range customer looking for an affordable grill with the right features, and none of their grills are priced over $500.  We’ll be looking closely at the build quality and performance of this grill to see how much bang for buck you actually get.

Key Features

  • 5 burners; 10,000 BTU each
  • Total BTU is 62,000 (includes 12,000 BTU side burner)
  • Total cooking area is 708 square inches
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Sliding drawer for easy gas tank access
  • Heavy duty casters

Out of the box

This unit came in a smaller box than expected for a 5-burner unit, with a fairly manageable shipping weight of 129 pounds.  We’ve seen heavier units with fewer burners, so we’ll be looking at the build quality and the gauge of the metal on this one.  There was a good deal of extra packing material that added nearly 20 pounds to the product weight, including nice double-walled external packaging.  Everything looked well-packed and there was no damage from the shipping, which was extremely good to see.

Setting up

The literature says that it should take 45-50 minutes to set up this unit.  I took us about 30 minutes longer than that, and this seems to be common amongst other users.  The instructions aren’t too bad and nothing was terribly difficult – it just takes some time.  The face of the unit seems like it’s got a nice stainless steel finish, but all of the internals are thin sheet metal painted gray.  Everything feels very light weight.  Even the racks feel lighter than others we’ve seen, which made us wonder if they only have a stainless coating, and are something else underneath.  It came complete with some large, heavy duty casters, which are a refreshing change from the small plastic casters we usually see on some grills.


We always try to start off every first experience on a new grill with a nice, hot burn-in to cook off anything on the grill coating and to see how well the burners work at 100% power.  The first thing we noticed is that the burners have about twice as many flame holes in them as others, and the flames coming out of them are much smaller.  So small, in fact, that it’s not possible to light adjacent burners with the flames.  This means for every burner you want to use, you have to use the igniter.  Having all of our burners lit, we closed the lid and waited for the temperature gauge to top out.  That came around 550F.  Most grills will reach well into the upper 600s-700s, but that’s rarely necessary for good grilling.  Heat was escaping out of the back of the unit, so it might be worth using some of the same mods that we’ve suggested for other units.  Users in the community have commented that placing some sheet metal along the back of the unit fixes that problem and they can get their grill to heat up properly.  Good tip, many grills benefit from some after-market mods.  After about 30 minutes of heating at 100% and realizing that we weren’t going to get any higher than 550F, we decided to proceed with grilling.

With a grilling area about 30 inches wide, we were able to get plenty of food on the grill, and thankfully no other rods came loose.  Burgers and brats cooked extremely well, and because the burner flames are quite small, we didn’t have much of a problem with grease flare-ups.   Most cooking is done around the 400-500 range, so our grill was able to hold that temperature fairly well.

Dyna-Glo DGE530SSP-D 5 Burner Verdict

A good-looking stainless steel 5-burner grill with a cabinet for under $500 is usually a pretty good deal.   We really liked the convenience of the gas tank tray and the heavy duty casters for good ease of use on both counts. Its large grill space heats and cooks evenly, and that goes a long way in our book. We don’t like the idea of having to do aftermarket mods to a grill to make it better, but that seems to be common place unless you’re buying luxury grills that cost hundreds more, like the Napoleon grill we reviewed recently. All in all, we think that the Dyna-Glo DGE530SSP-D is worthy of consideration and your money.

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