Weber Smokey Mountain 18 inch Cooker

Editor rating

5/5 on June 17, 2016

User's rating

1,928 reviews


  • Accurate lid thermometer
  • Water pan lasts for three or four hours of cooking
  • Larger fuel door than previous models
  • Ash pan aids in cleaning


  • Lower temperature cooking is a challenge
  • Water pan restricts clearance for charcoal and wood chunks
  • Cannot also be used as a grill (not a big deal)


Backyard chefs have successfully used this piece of equipment to achieve victory in many serious cooking competitions including national championships. Under $400, this seemingly modest device has defeated BBQ cookers running from $10,000 to $15,000, while pleasing large numbers of smoked meat connoisseurs at the same time. Clearly, if it can win over expert taste-testers, it should easily convince practically everyone else.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker – Introduction

It turns out smoking can be good for you. Of course, this is only true regarding smoking foods in the culinary sense. Weber is a company synonymous with outdoor grilling, and they’ve brought their reputation to the areas of slow cooking and smoking with the Weber Smokey Mountain 18 inch Cooker. The device is able to perform several unique functions that let it complement a standard grill. It can slow-cook any meats using two grates. It smokes both meats and other foods too. It’s also capable of providing steam to foods to keep them moist during cooking while adding additional flavoring.

Key Features

*Porcelain-enamel Coated Bowl and Lid
*Aluminum Fuel Door
*Four Aluminum Vents
*Two 18.5-inch Nickel-plated Steel Grates (22-inch version is available)
*Built-in Lid Thermometer
*Porcelain-enamel Coated Water Pan

What’s In The Box

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker arrives in a 76 pound box measuring 41 inches tall and 21 by 19 inches square. Along with the several components of the cooker itself, there’s a weather-proof cover, and buyers of the device have aired very few complaints about the packaging.


Charcoal-heated slow cookers are relatively simple devices, so there’s really not much to setting one up for work. The Weber Smokey Mountain cooker won’t require any tools for the job. With the parts out of the box, just stand the base up, insert the water pan in first, place the lower grate over the water pan, install the upper grate, and top it off with the lid. The extra-large fuel door on the side is used to add charcoal in the bottom and water or other liquids, beer, spirits, juices, to the water pan. Then everything’s ready to go.

Weber Smokey Mountain Performance

Overall ratings for the cooker have been very positive due to ease of use and quality results. When in use, the cooker quickly comes up to the normal temperature range of 200 to 250 and doesn’t experience any noticeable fluctuations while cooking over long hours. Many reviewers have gotten great results from their first use, but they still advise giving it a trial run to season it. It’s claimed the buildup of soot and grease iAnside provide a better seal around the lid that allows for lower temperatures. Some users also say this coating helps intensify the flavor of subsequent meals. While the water pan needs few re-fillings, many users skip this operation altogether and just wrap it in two layers of foil so it’ll function as a catch basin for grease and juices dripping off the meats. Like previous models, the Weber Smokey Mountain features a porcelain coating that makes it extremely durable. This is why it has a ten year limited warranty.

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